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Millenials everywhere who watched along side the cast of reality TV roalty (ahem, The Hills), are sure to recognize one part this recently wed couple- Audrina Patridge. Patridge stole all of our hearts in her recent Hawaiian nuptuals with pro BMXer, Corey Bohan this month. Take a look at thier magical day and the rings… read more

Courtesy of Mogul Written by Tiffany Pham  Founder & CEO, Mogul This is it. You feel like you’ve found your Prince Charming after years of dating frogs that were undeserving of your affection. You’ve survived heartbreak accompanied by Taylor Swift’s girl power anthem “New Romantics” to get you through the tears, the unusually awkward yet funny dates, and… read more

A little over 10 years ago a fisherman in the Philippines was fishing one day when his anchor became stuck on a rock underwater during a storm. He dove in to release it and found it was stuck on a shell which turned out to be a giant oyster which occur in the region. These… read more

Wear your Jewelry!  According to the insurance industry, the number 1 jewelry claim is for lost jewelry –  with water related loss being the top claim. When you are in the ocean, lakes, rivers, or even pools – TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY! When you are in water it becomes easier for jewelry to come off… read more

Treasure-Laden shipwreck found at Nambia off the African coast, as De Beers begins a new Diamond mine! De Beers had identified a site for a diamond mine.  They first bulldozed, from inland out to the sea, to earthen create a wall which then left a lagoon which they drained in order to start the mining.… read more

Besides being beautiful pearls are the only gemstone produced by a living creature! They aren’t mined, cut, or polished/faceted.  In history, pearls were one of the favorite gems of the Roman Empire.  Pearls were being cultivated in the early 1900’s and now are the majority of the market. In nature, when an irritant such as… read more

The last few weeks have seen vigorous activity in the large fancy colored diamond market with previous records being broken! The highest price was $57.5 MILLION for the World’s Largest Blue Diamond at 14.62ct Fancy Vivid Blue known as the Oppenheimer Blue. It’s previous owner was Sir Philip Oppenheimer whose family were the founders of… read more

Diamonds occur naturally in most of the major colors they are considered Fancy Diamonds. The natural colored diamonds are very rare and command the highest prices at auctions because of their scarce numbers.  Although being carbon, small amounts of trace elements can effect the overall color. There are certain treatments whereby the color can be… read more

We are truly humbled to have Kendall Jenner include the Map Necklace in her ‪Mothers Day ‪Gift Guide exclusively at Capri Jewelers Arizona. “My mom is the hardest working woman I know,” says Kendall of her mom, Kris Jenner, “so she deserves the best on Mother’s Day. It’s always fun to get her gifts I… read more

Academy Awards Presenter and X-Men: Apocalypse Actress Olivia Munn wears  Forevermark Stud Earrings with Round Brilliant Diamonds set in 18k White Gold 4.84 ctw No other piece of jewelry, is a woman’s everyday fashion accessory like a pair of stud earrings! The simplicity and elegance of stud earrings makes it easy for you to pair it with any color or… read more