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De Beers – Searching for Diamonds finds Ancient Treasure Ship!

Treasure-Laden shipwreck found at Nambia off the African coast, as De Beers begins a new Diamond mine! De Beers had identified a site for a diamond mine.  They first bulldozed, from inland out to the sea, to earthen create a wall which then left a lagoon which they drained in order to start the mining. As they began to dig they began to find small artifacts and then cannon balls and cannons. They called in a local expert on the area and shipwrecks as that part of the coast used to be under water. In early days there were numerous shipwrecks because the area was famous for severe storms and disorienting fog.  In later years the sailors avoided the area because of it.
Through intense investigating of historical records they now know that the ship was named the “Bom Jesus”  – The Good Jesus – which sailed from Lisbon – Friday, the 7th of March, 1533. The ship contained 22 tons of cooper ingots, gold coins valued at $13,000,000 (Today’s Value) – ivory, swords and cannons, among numerous artifacts.
There are very detailed narratives on this online and this is just an overview. I find it fascinating as I love history and the fact that De Beers searching for Diamonds finds a sunken Treasure Ship!  It’s good to be De Beers!!
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