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Enjoy the Days of Summer! But DON”T…..

Wear your Jewelry!  According to the insurance industry, the number 1 jewelry claim is for lost jewelry –  with water related loss being the top claim. When you are in the ocean, lakes, rivers, or even pools – TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY! When you are in water it becomes easier for jewelry to come off and 97% of the time when something comes off you will not find it.  Even in a swimming pool even if it doesn’t come off,and even if you don’t bang it on the sides of a pool, you are still exposing it to chlorine, cyanuric acid and muriatic acid which are corrosive to jewelry.

2nd to water was camping for loss of jewelry.  Enjoy the summer in the great outdoors but leave your fine jewelry at home!

Also, ladies, never spray perfume on gold! It is acidic and will eventually destroy your chains. have you ever had a chain that you wore often and after 5 years or so it began breaking in several places? That is because you were putting the chain on and then spraying perfume on it and it, eventually ate through the gold.

When you have a fine piece of jewelry – treat it as such and don’t wear it or treat poorly as in going into the ocean with it or spraying perfume on it!


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