Engagement Ring Styles and Shapes

Engagement rings come in many styles and collection like a simple solitaire, classic halo or unique split shank style. Capri Jewelers Arizona carries a huge selection in unique custom designer settings including Verragio, Tacori, Michael M, Danhov, A.Jaffee and of course our very own Capri Collection.

We can help  you find the best style within that or custom design it to your desired needs. Together we (you and our Sales consultant) can discuss what your loved one should be proposed with since it’s such a memorable romantic occasion. If you don't have any hints or preferences to go by. Observe and research a bit to understand what type of ring might match her personality. If she wears minimal jewelry, prefers streamlined and simple clothing, she may appreciate a beautifully crafted solitaire or classic ring with the focus on a larger, higher quality diamond. On the other hand, if she prefers a bit of sparkle and size, she may like a halo style. If her jewelry preferences and clothing tastes are vintage inspired, opt for a braided or woven ring style. They will fall well in line with her daily attire.

You know her best and with our help we can most likely determine what she would love. If at a loss, simply tell us about her tastes, hand type and preferences and we can point you in the right direction. The majority of ring purchases are for solitaire, classic or halo styles with round or princess diamonds. However, pear, emerald and cushion are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to gemstones, sapphire, ruby and emerald are the top choices.

PRONG SETTING  prong set ring

GREAT FOR Showing off the gemstone, easy cleaning, those who love a classic style.

One of the more popular engagement ring settings is called a prong setting. In this setting, a single gemstone is the centerpiece of the ring. The prongs are usually V-shaped and hold the gemstone up above the band. Usually, the gemstone is held with four or six prongs. Four prongs show off more of the gemstone, but six is more secure.

The benefits of a prong setting are the visibility of the gemstone, the simplicity of design, the variety of gemstone cuts it can accommodate, and the timelessness of the look. One issue people find with prong settings, however, is the maintenance. Because the prongs often elevate the gemstone, it can easily get snagged, scraped, or bumped by everyday objects. If you're worried about damaging the gemstone, our jeweler can customize a low profile prong settings, or consider a diamond for the gemstone. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials and are very difficult to scratch, making them the perfect match for a prong setting.

BEZEL SETTING   Bezel ring style

A bezel setting is very different to a prong setting and offers a much greater level of protection. The bezel itself is a type of collar which surrounds the stone entirely. This makes it less likely that the stone will work loose or get damaged so easily.

Around the girdle, in particular, a diamond is exposed to knocks which may cause chips in the diamond. Although diamonds are the hardest of all known natural materials, this doesn’t mean it is unbreakable. A carefully planned bezel setting prevents this, and can even hide flaws or existing problems on the diamond.

CHANNEL SETTING   channel set ring

A channel setting isn’t complicated, actually, and is exactly as the name suggests. The band contains a specially cut channel, into which is set small stones such as diamonds. They are kept secure either by the lip of the groove being narrower than the stones or by special grooves in the wall of the channel. The band itself is thicker and deeper than usual, in order to facilitate the channel.

The channel can be whole or half set, although the bottom of the band will often have a gap where the band is whole. This is to avoid damage to diamonds on the bottom of the ring from everyday use.

If you are familiar with eternity rings, the effect is very similar. The key difference is that the ring will still have a center stone in its own setting.

INVISIBLE SETTING   invisible set

The invisible setting technique was developed in France more than two centuries ago. Grooves in each stone's girdle slip into a metal framework below the surface, but the metal cannot be seen. Diamonds and gemstones sit side-by-side where they create the appearance of a solid surface of gems. Usually, the stones are square or princess cut in shape in an invisible setting. Round diamonds are unable to be set into the invisible metal framework.

Jewelry designers use invisible setting techniques to create the illusion of larger diamonds in engagement and wedding rings.


GREAT FOR Making the gemstone appear bigger, those who prefer a simple design.

Also known as a bead setting, a pavé setting describes the bands with small diamonds set into the band of the engagement ring.


GREAT FOR Matching bands, those with an active lifestyle, those seeking an easy shopping experience.

Maybe you're in love with an incredible, yet practical, low-maintenance person and they aren't looking for a big diamond or one that is set prominently above the band. Perhaps their perfect engagement ring is one that could double as a wedding band if they wanted. If that sounds like the person you've fallen for, try an diamond band for your proposal.

Diamonds adorn the band for an understated, yet stunning look. You can choose to have them placed in prong, channel, or pavé settings. It isn’t overly flashy and doesn't attract immediate attention, but when you do look at it, you can see just how amazing its simplicity can be.


SPLIT-SHANK SETTING   split shank ring

GREAT FOR Adding extra sparkle, those who want a more unique style

The shank of an engagement ring is another word for the actual band. Most shanks are a round circle that surrounds the finger. However, some split into two separate shanks that surround a center gemstone on an engagement ring. These are called split-shank settings. Unlike the simplicity of a traditional band, split-shank settings offer beautiful, intricate designs that demand the attention of everyone in the room. Look through our collection of split-shank settings if you know your future fiancée wants something a little more unique to show off to all their friends.



GREAT FOR Those looking for a unique design or who love timeless style

If you're worried about picking an engagement ring that will stand the test of time, consider choosing a vintage inspired setting.

A typical vintage ring features intricate band details such as filigree and milgrain.

    Filigree refers to the twisted threads of metal on the surface of the ring.
    Milgrain is a type of embellishment added to give a more antique look.

Together, these elements add charm and character you won't find in a simple band.


GREAT FOR Representing tradition, family members, adding gemstones later on.
three stone

A three-stone setting is a favorite of many couples as each gemstone represents past memories, present times, and the future of their story. Before you ask, know, an engagement ring can never be too sentimental! With this setting, you have a lot of options to create a unique look for your lovely lady.


Halo rings increase perceived stone size, sparkle, and overall visual appeal of the center diamond. Rooted in tradition, halo engagement rings are fashionable, elegant, and glamorous.   

Popular with nearly all women, these rings look appealing on every hand type. Halo rings can range from simple to elaborate depending on the number of accent stones and their size. Halo styles are defined by a halo of accent stone, usually diamonds that encircle the full diameter of the center stone. This creates the effect of a larger more brilliantly sparkling center stone, be it a ruby, emerald, sapphire or diamond. 

Halos can vary in size due to different sizes of accent stone being used. Additionally, variations within the halo style can be double halos to create an even more glamorous look or under halos that add a layer of diamonds underneath the central stone to create height, depth and sparkle from all angles. Within the halo ring style, there are many variation in the band style. Bands can be plain or adorned with additional accent diamonds. Bands can also be braided, winding, or split for added design elements. As in all other ring styles, the millimeter width of the band and the sizes of the accents stones can vary. So it is important to take that into consideration when choosing a halo style. Halo ring styles are available most commonly in round, cushion and oval shapes.


Defining simple elegance, solitaire rings make the center diamond a focal point. Vintage and popular, solitaire is best suited for a classic, simple, and laid-back partner. These styles look elegant on any hand and look beautiful with a variety of metals.
solitaire ring

A solitaire style is perfect to showcase the center stone. A solitaire style does not have any diamonds on the band. It has a center stone. The variation in a solitaire style are created due to various shapes that the band can take as well as various setting styles of the center stone.

Common band styles within a solitaire are classic comfort fit bands that have a smooth and rounded finish. Knife edge solitaire bands have a slightly more modern edged finish. Other styles can included braided and twisted bands that add a romantic and vintage element to the design. Finally, solitaires can also vary in metal thickness, so it is important to consider millimeter thickness when choosing a style. As the band design is less complicated than in other collections it is easy to pair nearly any solitaire style with any shape of gemstone or diamond.


Contemporary styles represent broader fashion trends and unique designs. Our contemporary side stone rings offer a twist to the existing classic styles, while still creating an accent to the ring that is sure to be eye-catching. Contemporary styles are less common and speak to the style preferences of the wearer. 

contemporary ring style Style elements can include asymmetrical accent stone placement, geometrically woven metal for the band, floating diamond accents and twisting band styles. These category is perfect for those looking for a ring that is truly unique. Because of the great variety in styles, Capri Jewelers Arizona has contemporary styles that match all diamond and gemstone shapes. Those purchasing contemporary rings may opt to get traditional shapes like round or princess but may also want to be bold and opt for shapes like marquise, emerald or pear.


Modern engagement rings are most typically wanted by brides looking for something distinctive and unique.
A modern engagement ring will display a contemporary style that keeps in touch with the trends of today. Modern bezel set engagement rings are popular, but claw prongs and channel set diamonds are also common features of a modern engagement ring.

Usually, modern style engagement rings do not feature a specific metal, and for the more daring and creative couple, they even may want to mix and match the metals displayed in their ring.